Board of Directors

Anne Ladky, Board Chair

Anne is the retired Executive Director of Women Employed. She serves on the Executive Committee of The Chicago Community Trust.

Christian Feaman, Treasurer

Chris is the Senior Director of Finance and Administration at Epic Academy in Chicago.

James Oliff, Secretary

Jim is a semi-retired financial industry executive. His board service includes over two decades on the Board of Directors of CME Group where he also chaired the CME Group Foundation.

Ashley Clark, Board Member

Ashley is a Recruiter for Classkick. Previously she served for over two years as Director of Recruitment at The Academy for Urban School Leadership.

Dr Efrain Martinez, Board Member

Efrain is the Principal, Northwood Middle School, North Shore School District 112.

Jill Cannon, Board Member

Jill is the Principal of Longwood Middle School, a Chicago International Charter School.

Julia Davis, Board Member

Julia is a third year law student at Loyola University Law School in Chicago. She has been an advocate for immigrant rights in the US and for three years at Empower, a sex worker advocacy organization in Thailand.

Stratford Shields, Board Member

Stratford is a Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets.