Education Equity Fund, NFP

Triple Bottom Line Dollars Invested

EEF K-12 Educator Cohort 1

In 2020 EEF made an investment of $ 181,262.00 in fifteen participants in the Chicago Teacher Residency class of 2020 program of The Academy for Urban School Leadership. These fifteen participants are now teaching high-needs students in high-needs Chicago Public Schools.

  1. The participants received funding essential to their participation in the program. In September 2020 the residents were hired as CPS Step 1 Lane 2 teachers. In 2020-2021 they will earn CTU scale, $60,075.00/ year, plus benefits.
  2. The EEF will reinvest participant Income sharing obligations into more student investments.
  3. Our community gains highly trained diverse teachers who are prepared to effectively teach for the long haul in schools where the need is great.

EEF K-12 Educator Cohort 2

In May of 2021 EEF purchased its second portfolio of ISAs. The second portfolio consists of 20 ISAs from members of the CTR class of 2021. EEF paid $ 218,032.80 and took on the remaining funding obligation of $ 80,000.00 for the final four months. The class of 2021 CTRs will start teaching in CPS in September of 2021 as Step 1 Lane 2 teachers.

EEF K-12 Educator Cohort 3

EEF is now seeking funding for the participants in the Chicago Teacher Residency class of 2022. This class began their training in July of 2021 and enter CPS classrooms as Step 1 Lane 2 teachers in September of 2022. Currently 18 candidates have signed up for ISA funding. Several more candidates have expressed interest in ISA funding. We anticipate total funding need of at least $ 252,000.00 for the class of 2022.